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Sleep Consultant Recommendations and Testimonials

  • I am a psychologist, my husband is a pediatrician—we figured we knew what to do—we didn’t need “help.” After reading every book I could find and turning to every parent for advice (even putting out pleas for help on Facebook) we still felt unsure of what “to do.” Nothing seemed to work. Enter Sleep Sisters! I cannot recommend Sleep Sisters enough. —Anna, Philadelphia, PA

  • Melissa worked around our schedule to meet with us. She evaluated our home, and gave us tips on where the best sleep environment in our room could be. Even suggested how we could change it as needed, as we have regular visitors staying with us. She gave us a lot of practical info on infant sleep cycles, and gave us a personalized “sleep schedule” for our little guy. This actually helped us feed him better, too, I think, because he got into a much more regular routine. It worked. Before we hired her, we were popping a paci back into LO’s mouth every hour or so. Now he’s sleeping through the night! —Zeest, Palo Alto, CA

  • We contacted the Sleep Sisters as a last resort for our spirited and persistent 2 1/2 year old son. He consistently refused to go to sleep, woke up frequently, and was in a terrible mood all day with lengthy meltdowns. We battled this for months, read dozens of books, and tried numerous techniques. Nothing worked – he seemed too smart and strong for us.Debbie first reassured us we didn’t do anything wrong, everything was fixable, and she had a plan. We implemented it, and amazingly saw almost immediate results. There were a few expected setbacks, but after about two weeks, we have a toddler going to bed with no resistance at 6:30PM and waking up around 6:00AM. Debbie was adept at explaining how toddlers sleep, what to do and not to do, and how to handle these setbacks. She was also great at encouraging and supporting us, and which was just as important as the sleeping techniques.We cannot thank her enough for the assistance she has given our family. My wife and I now have many more hours at night to get our house back in order, enjoy each other, and get more sleep. Our son’s behavior has drastically improved since he sleeps better now. Overall, the Sleep Sisters have given us a quality of life we truly haven’t seen since before our little guy was born. — Jim, MI

  • Melissa was great. In our first meeting, she helped us really understand our baby’s sleep needs, explained some of the scientific reasons for those needs, and then worked with us to craft a plan that would work for our daughter AND with what felt comfortable and achievable for us. The first night after our meeting, our daughter slept much better, waking only once after previously waking 5+ times per night, and she has maintained that improvement since then. Amazing! — Joel, San Carlos, CA

  • We loved working with the Sleep Sisters…they were professional and knowledgeable, while also being really personable and relatable. They coached us through a very tough transition, and though we joked that I wished they would just marry me and move  into our apartment, they really gave us the tools to make this work so that at the end of our two week engagement we felt confident that we would be okay our own without her daily consultations.  —Shoshana, NY, NY

  • Melissa really listened to me and asked very thorough and insightful questions as I described the challenges I was having my 4-month old daughter and her sleep patterns. She gave me practical (and nonjudgemental!) advice that I could put into practice that very day. After following her advice for a series of days, our daughter began sleeping through the night and taking longer and more restful naps. Now, a few weeks out, she has fallen into a great nap routine and has been sleeping for 11-12 hours a night! Melissa helped me become much more in tune with our baby girl’s sleep habits, and that has made a world of difference. Huge thanks to her and Sleep Sisters!—Gina, Berkeley, CA 

  • The Sleep Sisters thoughtfully respond with doable recommendations and the reason for them. Their encouragement and support have been invaluable. In the time we have worked with Sleep Sisters we have seen huge improvement to our child’s sleep. —Courtney, Philadelphia, PA 

  • Debbie brings the expertise of a mom AND a psychologist—a unique combination that is at once strong and gentle. She never pushed us (to let him cry) a second more than we could handle and she always looked for ways to help our son while also helping us to achieve our goals for his sleep (i.e. came up with a plan that worked for our family). Three months later, our boy is sleeping beautifully because of the skills Debbie helped us to teach him.—Father of a 4-month old, Philadelphia, PA 

  • When I returned to work, our son got REALLY fussy, and that’s what triggered me to call Sleep Sisters. I could not function at work sleep-deprived. Hiring someone who already knows all the tricks (and the science) of sleep was a great investment. Compared to others, the Sleep Sisters are very reasonable in price. They have several packages, including a “follow-up” package that I will not hesitate use in the future, as my son’s sleep habits change again. Also, I am better rested, less emotional, and getting along with my husband much better! —Mother of a 4-month old, Palo Alto, CA

  • Sleep Sisters was a complete lifesaver! They listened carefully to our goals and structured a sleep routine and daytime schedule for us that worked beautifully. Our daughter now sleeps through the night, and is in her crib from 5:45 pm until 7 am—something I never could have imagined only 4 short weeks ago. —Shoshana, NY, NY 

  • Sleep Sisters was a true blessing for us, and we remain grateful (and much better rested) and at ease knowing our son’s needs are being met for his development and health. —Parents of a 4-month old, Philadelphia, PA 

  • Not a morning goes by that I’m not grateful for what Sleep Sisters gave us—quality sleep!—Mom of an 8-month old, NY area

  • We would very highly recommend her to parents who are struggling to get their little one(s) to sleep.—Mom of a 4-month old, Philadelphia area

  • The sleep training guide that Sleep Sisters prescribed is clear, concise, personalized and easy to follow. Sleep Sisters has given us a process that not only has created a very happy, well-rested baby, but parents who feel competent and successful. Without them, who knows when sleep would have arrived in the Roberts household.—Parents of 4-month-old, Havertown, PA

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