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Sleep Milestones | A Complimentary Whitepaper!

When is a ‘normal’ time for baby to start sleeping through the night? Should you change anything when your child starts to potty train? What can you expect at 3 months? 6 months? 8 months? There are some important sleep milestones to keep an eye out for. These serve as general sleep guidelines for children and should give you a good foundation. As Moms ourselves, we wanted to put together something simple and useful to share with all of you.

Please download our complimentary whitepaper on Sleep Milestones. It’s a PDF–just download, open and print!

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8 replies on “Sleep Milestones | A Complimentary Whitepaper!”

This PDF-File is really helpful. I do have one question. My son is just 16 days old, but what are considered to be “good sleep habits”? He doesn’t want to leave my side, so he always sleeps on me or on my husband… even during the night. How can we break that habit?

Is it different for twins? Cause I can’t get them to sleep when they should, and if I do they are still waking up through the night.

Twins still need the same amount of sleep and follow the same sleep development. It just takes some hard work to get both babies on the same schedule!

I have been trying to get my twin girls into a sleep schedule, to get them ready for the new time change at four months. Only it hard to get both asleep around the same time and they fight trying to sleep. I know they might wake up during the night for a change or feeding but should they be fighting so hard to sleep? Is there anything I can do to help them get to sleep? Its getting harder to get to sleep since they wake each other up constantly.

Thanks for your advice! We’ve bumped up bedtime and he’s been going to sleep right away! He still wakes up once in the night but over all he sleeps like a champ at night and for naps! Thanks!

This is great! I have a 7 month old and right now his bed time is too late (10:30pm) so we are going to try and reach the 7pm goal. But I do have one question: How long should his naps be? Right now he has two pretty long naps during the day (11am:3 hours and 4pm:2 hours). Are those too long?

Seven month olds typically take three naps – around 9, noon, and 3pm. Naps vary in length depending on the child (and the day!) but usually last 1-2 hrs, with the late afternoon nap being the shortest (45-60 mins). If you try to align your son’s nap with typical biologically sleepy times you may find he sleeps better during the day and at night. Let us know how it goes!

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