Merlin Really is Magic

I know I’ve said it before, but I am so amazed by how much has changed in the 5 years since my first daughter was born. I’ve already written about a number of new products that I love and I’m thrilled to write about yet another amazing discovery. In a recent blog, I wrote about the challenges of transitioning out of a swaddle blanket. Our babies really slept noticeably better when they are swaddled, so the thought of having them OUT of the swaddle and just in a sleep sack made me extremely nervous. It seemed cruel to have my daughters go straight from feeling like they were back in the womb to the openness of the world!

Enter Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit ( My older daughter calls it the baby’s “space suit”!  It looks like a snow suit for babies – warm, soft material with lots of batting in between the layers which dampen the startle reflex and prevent babies from being able to move about freely. It does leave the hands free, however, so that babies can bring them to their mouth for self soothing. When she was three months, I switched baby Julia out of the swaddle blanket and into the Merlin. The transition went perfectly. This week, when I felt my daughter was ready, I was able to transition her to a sleep sack and there was very little fussing.

What an amazing idea!  The founder of the company is a Physical Therapist and a mom herself.  She understands what babies need and this product is evidence of that. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Sleep Sisters clients are eligible for a discount. Please let us know if you’d like more information.


Note: We are not paid to advertise this product, nor do we receive any commission on sales of the product. 

6 Responses to “Merlin Really is Magic”

  1. Emily Ferrin

    I was wondering when you recommended switching out of the Merlin sleep suit. My daughter just turned 6 months and my mother thinks she should be out of it, but she doesn’t flip over to her stomach in the suit yet.

    • Sleep Sisters

      We think of the Merlin as a transitional tool between the full swaddle and a sleep sack. At 6 months, your daughter is probably ready to move to a sleep sack. Give it a try for one sleep period (maybe her best nap of the day) and see how she does!

  2. Jennifer

    I still swaddle my four month old for all naps and night sleep, but I just bought a Merlin in anticipation of the transition. However, it’s summer, and even with the AC running, he can still get warm. Does the Merlin breathe OK? It looks so hot that I’m nervous to try it in this weather.

  3. Cassie

    I’m having the hardest time transitioning out of the Sleepsuit! Baby is 6 months and can flip over very easily in sleep suit, but hates all the freedom being out of the suit. Help!

    • Sleep Sisters

      This is a hard transition! I would recommend that you allow your baby to “practice” being in a sleep sack instead of the suit once a day during his/her best nap. After he/she masters that nap, you can add another. It takes patience and persistence but you should be able to help your baby get used to his/her new “freedom” within a week or so!

6 Responses to “Merlin Really is Magic”

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