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A Sick and Sleepless Baby Really “Sucks!”

A few months ago, I heard about a product that helps clears the mucus from a baby’s nose when she’s congested. Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator is a Swedish product that has parents suck the mucus through a straw out of the baby’s nostril. GROSS – right?!?

Check out their video of how to use the product: NoseFrida Demo Video

“No way,” I said when I heard about this. “There are limits to my love for my daughters,” I thought! Fast forward to this week and I am a new mom….

My 8-week old caught the cold that her 5-year-old sister brought home from school. My husband and I spent two nights awake with the baby who was struggling to breathe. None of us slept and I was worried sick about the baby. I cried every time she gasped for air and worried that she might not catch her breath. Desperate, I sent my husband to the store the following day. We laughed at ourselves and said we’d give it a try. At this point, we were willing to try anything so that she was more comfortable and we could all get some sleep.

It worked – really well. Finally, a good night’s sleep for all of us. I know now that I’d do just about anything to try to help my girls feel better and get the sleep they need. There’s nothing worse than a sick child when you feel so helpless. And, by the way, no – the mucus never even comes close to the parent’s (who’s sucking) mouth! It’s actually not that gross.

Do you have any favorite baby products that really work? Let us know!

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