Sleep Coach Skyping

We provide supportive consulting services via Web conference or by phone to help your family get the sleep you need. We help families address a wide variety of sleep challenges, including:

  • Expecting parents preparing for a new baby or a new sibling

  • Pregnant women experiencing sleep challenges

  • Napping—transitions to scheduled naps and elimination of naps

  • Sleeping through the night and dropping night feeds

  • Early morning waking

  • Trouble getting to bed

  • Preparing to return to work and adjusting to daycare or pre-school

  • Introducing a new sibling into the bedroom

  • Getting back on schedule after an illness or travel

  • Adjusting to developmental changes, such as teething or potty training

  • Moving out of the crib and into a big kid bed

  • Working with non-parent caregivers

We have several packages to fit your family’s needs, ranging from in-person sessions (for families in the Philadelphia, PA area and San Francisco Bay area, CA) to phone and email correspondence. When possible, we like to meet face-to-face with families so we can get a sense of your child’s personality, your family dynamic, and your home environment, enabling us to give you a plan tailored to work best for you.

How To Work With Us

  1. Review our packages and select the one you feel best fits your needs.

  2. Visit our online booking form here.

  3. Select the package you’d like to book, and pick an available date and time.

  4. Complete our online intake questionnaire, providing your contact information and details about your child, sleep challenges, and other relevant information.

  5. Pay securely online via PayPal. You will receive an email confirming your consultation.

  6. Consult with Debbie or Melissa in person (in the SF or Phila. areas), online, or by phone to discuss your family’s sleep challenge and the Sleep Sisters plan to get you back to sleep.

  7. Put the plan to work–the more closely you can follow your plan, the more quickly you will see results. We wish we could do it for you, but only you can do it, so commit to making a change and stick with it! Let us know if there is any part of the plan you are having trouble with or don’t understand.

  8. Receive continuing support from us. Change doesn’t happen overnight. You need to give your family time to adapt to these changes. We offer follow-on support so we can stick with you through emails and/or calls over the next two weeks to answer questions and provide encouragement.