Packages and Rates

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NOTE: We are currently unavailable for one-on-one consultations due to summer work, travel and family obligations. In the meanwhile, we hope our blog posts and resources can provide some assistance.


Start Sleeping – $199 | Need some basic sleep guidance tailored for your family? This package offers a one-hour phone or video consultation to review your intake questionnaire and discuss an action plan you can carry out on your own. (You can add on a support package listed below later on if you need some help!) BOOK NOW

Sleep in a Snap – $99 | Spend up to 30 minutes with one of the Sleep Sisters on the phone to get quick answers to your specific questions. BOOK NOW

Expecting Parents – $219 | Expecting parents have enough to worry about. Sleep Sisters will help you establish healthy sleep habits to prevent problems before they start. This package includes one 45-minute phone or video consultation and one follow-up phone call to be used within 2 weeks postpartum. BOOK NOW


For families with whom we’ve worked in the past 6 months.

Sisterly Advice via Email – $149 | Get the quick advice you need to get everyone back on track and back to sleep. Three (3) days of email to be used within one month. BOOK NOW

Sisterly Support – $266 | When you need a little more than just a check up. Sleep Sisters are here to support your family’s efforts with three 20-minute one-on-one phone meetings over the course of one month. BOOK NOW


We love working with groups! Please contact us for more information about pricing and scheduling. We are happy to create a customized program that suits the needs of your group.