SIDS and co-sleeping

A new study published last week brings up a very controversial subject in the world of infant sleep – co-sleeping. For years, moms all over the world have debated the merits and drawbacks of a “family bed,” “attachment parenting,” and “co-sleeping.” Melissa and I don’t feel it’s necessary to take a side in this argument. Different arrangements work for different families and we’re not here to tell people what is right or wrong. We do believe in strong scientific research and feel it is our responsibility as sleep experts to share with our clients and friends any new information that comes to our attention about sleep and child safety.

This article (discussed here on CNN) highlights new findings which state that co-sleeping increases a young infant’s risk of dying from SIDS by 50% and even greater for children younger than four months. This scares us a great deal. Infants who sleep in a bed with their parents are surrounded by soft, hot materials including pillows, blankets, and soft mattresses that are dangerous for babies.

As per these findings, we recommend the following:

  • If you choose to have your baby close to you while you sleep, please keep her in her own bassinet or crib next to your bed, or use a co-sleeper

  • Never put soft, plush materials in your infant’s crib until you get the OK from your pediatrician

  • Put your baby to sleep on his back

Our general rule of thumb is to follow the advice of our trusted pediatricians. They are the experts. It is clear from this article where many will weigh-in on this issue.

Does this new research change how you put your kids to sleep? Tell us what you think.


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  1. Well my daughter wasn’t in her crib until she was about 5 mohnts old or so but she’s always had some sort of bumper in her craddle or crib.When she was an infant, we used the sleeping wedges. She liked the snug feel of them around her body and it kept her from turning on her belly.I have a camera monitor, so I guess I never thought about not using the bumpers..ever since she began to sleep in her crib, she has snuggled up as close as she could to the bumpers on the side of the crib. I think she likes to be near something like that.At 15 mohnts now, she gets her face burried in the corner of the bumper and I think how can she breath? But she does fine and its never been an issue.ALSO I recently had her bumpers off so I could wash them and put her down for a nap in her crib. She usually cries for a few minutes. This time she kept crying and crying really hard so after about seven minutes or so I went in there, and she had got her leg caugt in between the slats of the crib! I always make sure the bumpers are in her crib now.

One Response to “SIDS and co-sleeping”

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