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Sometimes, people ask us to try out their products and now that I have a new baby, I’m happy to be a guinea pig! We don’t love everything we’re sent, but I have to say that I am a huge fan of one we received this summer from SnoozeShade – their cover for infant carriers.

The Snooze Shade is a great carseat (or stroller or pack’n’play) cover that prevents the sun’s UVB rays from harming your baby, provides general shade, and also keeps the seat (or stroller or pack’n’play) dark. I’ve noticed that our little one falls asleep much better when I zip up the cover if we’re on the go. If I don’t zip her up, she is very interested in the world around her and disturbed by the light…wait too long and she’s suddenly overtired and I can’t get her to nap. When I have to go out, this is a great solution.

The cover has another unexpected benefit – it prevents friendly folks at the supermarket or out for a walk in the neighborhood from touching our new and yet-to-be immunized newborn. I simply let people “peek” in on the baby by unzipping just enough for them to see but not touch!

I cannot say enough great things about this product. I recommend it highly and will be purchasing the pack’n’play cover soon so that when I have to take her to a hotel with us, she will not be disturbed by the lights during a nap – and I don’t have to go to sleep at 7pm when she does! (Although, since I’m pretty tired these days, 7pm bedtime sounds pretty nice!)

Note: We are not paid to advertise this product, nor do we receive any commission on sales of the product. We did receive a free trial product.

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