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Summer Schedule

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again already…summer! My kids just completed first and third grades, and this year has definitely gone the fastest! Now that school’s out, my time is full of camp drop-offs and pick-ups. And later in the summer, I’ll be on the East Coast taking kids to sleep-away camp and visiting family.

Given this new schedule, my hours this summer will be a bit more limited. In addition, with some short windows, it’s not possible for me to drive all over the Bay Area to meet with clients in person. But don’t worry! I will still be supporting families over the phone, via video chat, and by email.

My sister, Debbie, has turned her attentions for the summer to her other job, running Camp Akeela. She’s moved up to Vermont with her family and they will be welcoming campers throughout the summer. She’ll be back in the Fall, but in her absence, I’ll do my best to fill in.

If you need some help with sleep this summer, please schedule a call online or email me. Sleep well!

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