Sisterly Advice

SIDS Awareness – A Few Reminders

October is SIDS awareness month and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t let the month pass by without spending some time discussing this very scary phenomenon. As moms, we know that the unknown or unexplainable can be the most frightening and SIDS is one of those things. Often, pediatricians say, “We just don’t understand why this happens,” and that means that we feel out of control – a horrible thing for parents with newborns. While this is true, we do know that there are things we can do to reduce the risk of losing a child to SIDS.

Sleep News

SIDS and co-sleeping

A new study published last week brings up a very controversial subject in the world of infant sleep – co-sleeping. For years, moms all over the world have debated the merits and drawbacks of a “family bed,” “attachment parenting,” and “co-sleeping.” Melissa and I don’t feel it’s necessary to take a side in this argument. Different arrangements work for different families and we’re not here to tell people what is right or wrong. We do believe in strong scientific research and feel it is our responsibility as sleep experts to share with our clients and friends any new information that comes to our attention about sleep and child safety.

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