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10 Things You Can Do Tonight

Making lasting changes to sleep habits typically takes around two weeks for infants (closer to four weeks for toddlers), but there are several things you can do TONIGHT to get started.

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Merlin Really is Magic

I know I’ve said it before, but I am so amazed by how much has changed in the 5 years since my first daughter was born. I’ve already written about a number of new products that I love and I’m thrilled to write about yet another amazing discovery. In a recent blog, I wrote about the challenges of transitioning out of a swaddle blanket. Our babies really slept noticeably better when they are swaddled, so the thought of having them OUT of the swaddle and just in a sleep sack made me extremely nervous. It seemed cruel to have my daughters go straight from feeling like they were back in the womb to the openness of the world!

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Unwrapping the Challenges of the Swaddle

We believe strongly that babies sleep much better when they are swaddled. Melissa and I read the book by Dr. Karp called Happiest Baby on the Block (and watched the amazing DVD) and found that Dr. Karp’s advice for soothing newborns was very helpful and holds true for all the babies with whom we have worked.

Babies feel calmer when they are in an environment that mimics the womb – dark, cool, noisy, and confined!  Babies have a very strong startle reflex (the Morrow Reflex) and when they are swaddled, this reflex is dampened. When they are not, they wake frequently and are, well, startled! We believe that these wakings are unnecessary. Swaddling is the solution.

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