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Last week, the San Francisco CBS affiliate ran a story on the 11pm news featuring the work we do at Sleep Sisters. One of our fabulous clients graciously agreed to participate by talking about her experience working with a sleep consultant and allowing her darling baby to appear on camera (going down for a nap, no less!). Melissa also shared some thoughts about our role as certified sleep consultants.

The piece also included another well-known sleep consultant in the SF area. We want to make it perfectly clear that we DO NOT work the same way as the other consultant in the piece. She is a strict “no binkie, no swaddle” proponent. We, on the other hand, do not believe there is a one-size-fits all approach to this work. In many instances, pacifiers and swaddles are extremely useful tools and we recommend them!

That aside, we think the piece does a good job of highlighting the growing field of infant sleep consulting. We agree with the physician in the piece who encourages parents to check the credentials of whatever sleep professional they engage. There is currently no statewide licensing, so people with any degree of training (or none) can hang out a shingle. Both Debbie and Melissa are certified by the leading institutions in this field and continue our education and training each year so that we can provide clients with the latest research and methods.

Take a look at the clip:

The morning after this segment aired, a popular local morning radio show, Sarah and Vinnie on Radio Alice (97.3 fm), was discussing the piece and the topic of sleep consultants in general. They even read directly from this very website!

Listen to that part of the show:


Download the audio.

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